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The Re.Generation Cohort at Reset Connect London: Driving Sustainability at London Climate Action Week


LondonClimate Action Week saw a dynamic participation from Carla Gautier and Ezequiel Vedana, two voices from the 2024 Re.Generation Cohort, at Reset Connect London. The event, a focal point for global discussions on sustainability and climate action, provided a platform for these leaders to share their insights and strategies.


Carla Gautier, architect, Founder and CEO of Konti Design Build Studio, brought her expertise to two panels. Her first, on June 25th, titled "Urban Regeneration," focused on the critical link between mobility and sustainable design in cities. As transportation and construction sectors are major contributors to global emissions, Carla shared insights on how to design urban spaces that reduce the environmental footprint of buildings.


On June 26th, Carla continued her presence with a panel on "Beyond Profit: Navigating the Landscape of Purpose-Driven Metrics,"  tackling the evolving concept of business success. Advocating for holistic assessments that encompass social, environmental, and ethical impacts, Carla explored how forward-thinking organizations can navigate and communicate their broader contributions effectively.


Ezequiel, Founder and CEO of Piipee, contributed his entrepreneurial perspective to the panel discussing the startup journey towards success in achieving Net Zero goals. Drawing on his experiences and industry insights, Ezequiel highlighted key strategies and best practices crucial for startups and scale-ups in navigating the sustainability landscape. His session also addressed the vital role of investors in supporting businesses aligned with people, planet, and profit.


Together, Carla and Ezequiel delivered a closing keynote on June 26th, titled "The Look Ahead: Reasons for Optimism." Against the backdrop of a pivotal election year for over 60 countries and escalating climate concerns, they provided a hopeful outlook. Their keynote aimed to inspire action and underscored 2024 as a decisive year for global change and sustainability efforts.


Following their participation at Reset Connect London, Carla and Ezequiel enjoyed Baz Bignell’s invitation to attend the Blue Earth Forum. This networking event provided a valuable platform to connect with a host of innovative entrepreneurs in the sustainability space.


As leaders from the 2024 REGEN Cohort, Carla and Ezequiel continue to shape the discourse and pave the way for a more sustainable future.