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Introducing 'REGEN RISING,' a short documentary capturing highlights of the 2023 Campus, first milestone of the Re.Generation Future Leaders Programme, where brilliant minds converge to shape the future.

2023 Cohort: Ghassan Atallah, Jahawi Bertolli, Sabrine Chennaoui, Pedro David Fernandez, Victoria Herrmann, Gunjan Menon, Imogen Napper, Federico Perez, Valy Phommachak, and Anne-Sophie Roux

Partners: Boustany foundation, Cuomo Foundation, Moët Hennessy; Dominic Moross
Nominating partners: One Young World, EuroNatur Foundation, Boustany Foundation, Cuomo Foundation, The University of Edinburgh, International University of Monaco, IUCN, Jackson Wild, National Geographic, TERI - The Energy and Resources Institute
INSEAD Executive Education