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RE.GENERATION at the 2023 Jackson Wild Summit


As part of the RE.GENERATION Future Leaders Programme's collaboration with Jackson Wild, several members of the 2023 cohort had the opportunity to take the stage at the Jackson Wild Summit 2023 , shedding light on their stories, journeys, and contributions to the world of environmental conservation. This year's event was a celebration of storytelling, conservation, and the inspiring journeys of these emerging leaders.

Jahawi Bertolli: Exploring the World of Underwater Filmmaking

Jahawi Bertolli offered insights into the intricate world of underwater filmmaking. As the moderator of the "Presenters' Fresh Takes" session, he shared his journey and provided a glimpse into his upcoming projects. Jahawi's presentation left an impression on the audience, emphasizing his dedication to exploring the underwater realm.

Gunjan Menon: United Nations World Wildlife Day Audience Choice Award Recipient

Gunjan Menon emphasized the importance of storytelling as a tool for positive change. Her film, "Wings of Hope," was honored with the United Nations World Wildlife Day Audience Choice Award, showcasing the impact of her work on a global scale. Congratulations to Gunjan Menon for this significant achievement.

Federico Perez: Advocating for Local Communities in Colombia

Federico Perez's efforts are focused on advocating for local communities in Colombia facing environmental challenges. His work underscores the significance of community-driven conservation initiatives. Federico presented his work at the Jackson Wild Summit, stressing the importance of grassroots initiatives in environmental preservation.

Imogen Napper: A Passion for Science and the Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Imogen Napper's journey is marked by curiosity, a passion for science, and unwavering commitment to addressing the issue of plastic pollution. She shared her experiences at the summit, highlighting her investigations into plastic pollution and her determined efforts to combat this global problem. Imogen's dedication to this cause serves as an inspiration to all who attended the event.

Each member of the RE.GENERATION cohort who took the stage – Jahawi Bertolli, Gunjan Menon, Federico Perez, and Imogen Napper – demonstrated the power of storytelling, advocacy, and scientific pursuit in driving positive change for our planet.