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ChangeNOW 2024


The members of the 2023 RE.GEN Cohort have made significant contributions at the recent ChangeNOW Summit, held from March 25th to March 27th, 2024. This summit, renowned for fostering dialogue and action towards global sustainability, provided a platform for our cohort members to showcase their passion, expertise, and dedication towards shaping a better future for our planet.


Monday, March 25th:

Jahawi Bertolli, an advocate for ocean conservation, took the stage at the "Taking Action for the Ocean" panel, advocating for the power of storytelling to protect our oceans. Meanwhile, Valy Phommachak and Victoria Herrmann demonstrated their leadership at the Women for Change Conference, inspiring and empowering others towards meaningful societal transformations.


Tuesday, March 26th:

Imogen Napper captivated audiences at the "A Clean Space for a Clean Planet" session, sharing her innovative approach to plastic research from ocean to space. Valy Phommachak lent her expertise to the "Media Matters" panel, highlighting the crucial role of media in driving sustainability awareness. Additionally, Victoria Herrmann delivered a captivating keynote address at the "Adaptation to Climate Risks" session, sharing the story of cultural heritage and climate change.


Wednesday, March 27th:

Victoria Herrmann graced the "Art for Impact: Passing on a Common Heritage" session, emphasizing the significance of preserving communities' cultural heritage in the wake of climate change.


The presence and contributions of our 2023 RE.GEN Cohort underscore the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation's commitment to fostering dialogue, innovation, and action towards a more sustainable and equitable world. We applaud their efforts and look forward to continued collaboration in our collective journey towards sustainability.