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Marine Scientist & National Geographic Explorer

Cohort 2023/2024

Imogen Napper is a Marine Scientist and National Geographic Explorer. She has been described as a 'Plastic Detective' as her research investigates different sources of plastic pollution into the environment. Her work influenced legislation banning microbeads in facial scrubs, investigated how we are polluting the planet through washing and wearing our clothes, demonstrated that biodegradable plastics bags could still hold a full load of shopping after being submerged in the ocean after 3 years and found the highest microplastics on Earth near Mt. Everest summit. Additionally, she focusses on how plastic pollution is linked to other environmental issues. Her research shows how small changes can make a big difference and that larger environmental commitments are needed by industry and governments globally. Ms. Napper is now researching how we can use our knowledge from the mistakes and solutions used for management of the Ocean to protect Earth's orbit.

 Imogen Napper, the young scientist leading the fight against plastic in the UK (article by EFE:Verde in Spanish)