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Anne Sophie ROUX

Anne Sophie ROUX

Ocean entrepreneur and activist

Cohort 2023/2024

Anne Sophie Roux is an ocean entrepreneur and activist with a background in social and political sciences. She realized that the ocean is our biggest ally to mitigate both the climate and biodiversity crisis and to adapt ourselves to their consequences As she took part in the restoration of marine habitats such as coral reefs and mangroves, she witnessed the tremendous impacts it represents for local communities She then started weaving a network of llocal communities restoring their coastal ecosystems and created Tēnaka with the ambition to scale these blue solutions to the climate crisis, through impact measurement tools and technologies Anne Sophie Roux was named Young Ocean Leader by the US non profit Sustainable Ocean Alliance, and became their representative for France She is passionate about making a change for our ocean and believe restoring and preserving its ecosystems and key functions of carbon sink is the most efficient way forward.

 Anne-Sophie Roux, la voix des océans (article by Les Echos Planète in French)